Ice Fishing

with our Woodstock Fishing Guides

Ice Fishing Woodstock Vermont

Winter means cold temperatures that can keep you indoors and cause a serious case of cabin fever. Ice fishing is a fun way to get outdoors and beat the winter doldrums. Head to the frozen waters with our Fishing Guides and let them create a great time on the ice. 

Ice Fishing Details

Bundle up to head onto a frozen lake or pond on a clear and crisp winter day with your experienced guide. The guide will have the holes drilled and hut set up and provide all fishing gear.  When your hands get cold, grab for the thermos of hot chocolate or coffee. Just what you need to warm up! 

What to wear for your day on the Ice:

  • Dress in layers, a wool or fleece base layer will keep you warm and dry.
  • Winter coat and waterproof snow pants. (Ski/Snowboard attire works well). 
  • Winter boots, the key to warm feet is keeping them dry! 
  • Two-layer socks: A thin pair first, with wool or heavy socks over them. (Ski/Snowboard socks work well.)

Let's head out on an Ice Fishing Excursion!

4-5 hours (7am - 12pm)

$349 (for 2 people)
MAX: 4 people

Requirements: Vermont Fishing License; purchase one HERE

Transportation: Guests will follow the guide to the fishing location. Transportation may be available, please inquire. 

Contact Us for more information and to schedule your Ice Fishing excursion!