Falconry Experience
Falconry at Woodstock Inn

New England Falconry has partnered with the Woodstock Inn & Resort to provide an exciting new guest experience at the Resort's falconry center in Woodstock, Vermont.

Closed for the season.

Reopens in April.

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Taking a lesson

New England Falconry’s staff includes professional falconers who provide guests with a wealth of knowledge of this ancient pastime and an interactive hands-on encounter with these magnificent birds of prey. This ancient sport of kings has been in existence for over 4,000 years, and it is both fascinating and exciting for individuals and the entire family. The content of the sessions will include details about raptor adaptations, conservation, and history of falconry as well as free flying sessions with Harris’s hawks. 

Harris Hawks

Meet Chris Davis, Master Falconer

Chris is a Master Falconer, breeder, and the founder and director of New England Falconry with centers located in Amherst, MA and Woodstock, VT.  He has been a licensed falconer since 1979, and has been educating about falconry and raptors since 1985. Chris is the first Master Falconer permitted in this country to offer hands on falconry education. He received a Masters Degree in Resource Management and conducts research on threatened species for Federal and State wildlife agencies.

Falconry Experiences!

Introductory Session

  45 Minutes
Per Participant $95
Non-Participant $30

Experience handling and flying a trained Harris' Hawk while learning about their special adaptations, falconry, and need for their conservation.
Private Session-additional 25%

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Extended Session

  90 Minutes
Per Participant $180
Non-Participant $50

Enhance your falconry experience with an additional 45 minutes. In addition to flying a Harris' Hawk, a second raptor species will be flown! 
Private Session-additional 25%

Falconry Red Barn

Eagle Session

Experience handling and flying of a trained Harris' Hawk, followed by a falcon lure-flying demonstration. The session continues with flying our Barn Owl to the glove. We will conclude with a flight demonstration with our Verreaux's Eagle.

  2 Hours
Per Person $300

Please Call to Schedule this Eagle Experience! 802-457-6621

Harris Hawk with Chris

Large Group Session

Great for team building, corporate groups, and large gatherings! A part of your event that your attendees will always remember! Experience handling and flying a trained Harris’ Hawk while learning about their special adaptations, falconry and need for their conservation. Includes a flight demonstration with our falcon and time for an up-close experience with our Eurasian Eagle Owl.

10-15 People $850

Please Call to Schedule a Group Experience! 802-457-6621