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Benjamin Pauly ~ Master Gardener

From the spring's first sprouts, to the high summer's abundance of heirloom ingredients, to the hearty crops of fall and the last harvest before winter, the Resort's Master Gardener Benjamin oversees it all. He has grown, tended and nourished our Kelly Way Gardens from a seedling idea to the flourishing 3-acre organic garden we enjoy today. 

Gardener Benjamin Pauly

Meet the Gardener

Benjamin Pauly was born a gardener and raised on 10-acre farm in Minnesota.  Summers were spent tending plants and his love for working the land grew from sculpting the homestead to residential landscape designing during the summers as he completed his masters in Architecture.  An escape from the winters led him to do natural resource management and organic farming as a Peace Corps volunteer in Togo, West Africa.  Craving the rhythms of the seasons of Vermont, Benjamin has developed a love of holistic gardening that includes cut flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and plants that support wildlife and beneficial insects.  When asked what is his favorite plants are to grow, his answer will change weekly with the weather as we float from spring cut flowers of forget me nots and alliums to the luscious heirloom tomatoes of high summer and then onward to the sprawling pumpkins and gourds of Autumn.

Tomato Season

The Tomato Whisperer

With over 55 tomato varieties growing in the Tomato High Tunnel at Kelly Way Gardens, Benjamin has earned his title of our own "Tomato Whisperer." Some of his favorites are the sweet cherry hybrid called Esterina, the smooth Napa Chardonnay Blush cherry and the hearty green beefsteak Aunt Ruby's German Green. 

Tomatoes in the News

Stop by Kelly Way Gardens to peruse the tomato tunnel and grab a few to taste.

Keep up with the Tomato Whisperer on our Instagram page and the Highlight: Tomato Talks

The Tomato Whisperer

The Resort's own Tomato Whisperer introduces us to 2 of the over 55 varieties growing in Kelly Way Gardens!

Meet the Tomatoes

Tomato High Tunnel
The Tomato High Tunnel
Esterina ~ The favorite Hybrid Cherry Tomato!
Aunt Ruby's German Green ~ One of Benjamin's favorite Beefsteak Tomatoes.
Napa Chardonnay Blush ~ One of Benjamin's favorite Cherry Tomatoes.
Mexican Sour Gherkins
Mexican Sour Gherkins ~ Like a mix between a cucumber and melon, with a zing of lemon.
Mexican Sour Gherkins ~ A perfect bite to cleanse your palate.
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